Fact: April 2 is #AprilFactsDay 

Join us by sharing an important fact

Facts matter, especially when we need data to stay informed and healthy. At Living Facts, we are taking a day on April 2 — April Facts Day — to recognize some of the facts that matter most to us these days, including that there are 2.95 million registered nurses, 756,800 physicians, 4.4 million retail salespeople, and 565,000 child care workers, as of 2018, in America. We certainly appreciate them all.

But which facts are important to you now? Please join us on April 2 to share the facts that matter to you. In addition to Living Facts, you’ll be joined by organizations such as USAFacts, the American Library Association, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and the Pew Research Center in the effort to share and inform on this April Facts Day.

To participate, find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and tag your fact using #AprilFactsDay. On Instagram, you can also add #AprilFactsDay stickers to your Instagram story — simply search “April Facts Day” on Giphy and select stickers for your facts.

We look forward to seeing the facts that are important to you on April 2. Thanks for joining us.

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