American Democracy 101 Resources

Get right to the source

Learn more about America’s history, structure, and processes, as well as current public opinion about our nation, from these nonpartisan sources. 

American Treasures (Library of Congress)
Declaration of Independence (National Archives)
The Constitution of the United States (National Archives)
Interactive Constitution (National Constitution Center)
Annotated Constitution and Amendments (U.S. Congress)
Bill of Rights (National Archives)

The Government: 
Branches of government (U.S. House of Representatives)
Overview of Congress (U.S National Capitol Visitors Center)
History of the U.S. Senate (U.S. Senate)
History of the U.S. House of Representatives (U.S. House of Representatives)
How laws are made  (U.S. Congress)
About the Supreme Court (U.S. Supreme Court)

Voting and Elections:
Electoral college background (National Archives)
Electoral college process (National Conference on State Legislatures)
Voting rules by state (National Conference on State Legislatures)

American Political Life:
Polling on U.S. politics and policy (Pew Research Center)

For Students:
Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government (U.S. Government Printing Office)
Constitution in the Classroom (National Constitution Center)

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